Why Backdrops Are A MUST For Home Photography

Why Backdrops Are A MUST For Home Photography

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I often get asked questions in my DM's relating to backdrops, photography and styling, so I thought it was best to put it all into writing in one place.
Let's get down to (blog) business!
I wanted to start out with an important topic, the holy grail starting place of creating content from home - photography backdrops.
So, why is using backdrops the best thing ever when shooting content from home?
1. Backdrops cover up unwanted surfaces/spaces.

The whole reason I started this business was because I couldn't for the life of me find a nice 'aesthetic' space in my house. All my white walls weren't properly white, my backyard tiles were dirty and old, my kitchen bench wasn't marble and well, you get the gist.

I needed nice spaces to shoot products in without actually physically having these spaces. This is where I came up with the idea of starting my own range of backdrops.
Backdrops can be easily placed on top of ugly tiles or stuck up on walls, creating the illusion that you have a clean, professional looking space (that doesn't actually exist - how cool is that!). All you need is a backdrop and some tape or blue tack.

Prime example, check out the difference in these images below. Both shot with the same products, the first photo shot in my actual bathroom, the second using our Herringbone Tiles BackdropThe results speak for themselves!

 Product Photograhy bathroom beauty shot


2. Backdrops allow you to easily create different scenes.

The great thing about photography backdrops is that they are so versatile and allow you to quickly create scenes depending on your shoot aesthetic. Need a marble bathroom scene? Done. Want to be up in the clouds? Done. How about a stone benchtop? Yep, done!

You can choose from a range of textures and colours to create an ideal scene for your product, then change it out and create a new one in a few minutes.

This pink bathroom scene was created using our Pink Fish Scale Tile Backdrop.

Product Photography Pink Tiles Beauty Scrub Shot


3. You can match Backdrops to branding colours/product packaging.

Nothing says on-brand content more than a colour coordinated photoshoot! The variety of backdrop choices allows you to create a photography scene based on the colours of your brand or product.

Not only does this look great on socials and help to create a cohesive feed, but it also screams professionalism. It shows your customers you are an organised and care about your branding. 

Beauty supplement photoshoot using pink and orange backdrop

We used our Sherbet Orange & Candy Pink Backdrops here to achieve this super fun and on-brand image.

4. Backdrops are affordable & easy to work with.

Backdrops are a great affordable option for those running small businesses and creating content from home (compared to professional photography studios/equipment).

The only set up they require is to be rolled out, taped/stuck to a wall, then rolled back up again for easy storage (winning).

You really can't go wrong with photography backdrops, all you need is some creativity, a bit of patience and a willingness to play around and give it a go!


If you are interested in getting started and easily creating your own content from home, check out our range of waterproof, vinyl photography backdrops here.

I hope you found this helpful! Please send us an email if you have any questions about this topic, we would love to hear from you!

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